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The industry's leading hub for trade ideas

Trade Ideas Limited ("TIL") provides a vendor neutral utility for the global electronic alpha capture market. TIL's objective is to create an open platform for the efficient and secure exchange of trade ideas. We seek to accomplish this through strategic partnerships to develop standards, interfaces, and industry leading best practices.

The growth of Electronic Alpha Capture
In recent years the global equity markets have seen steady growth in the use of systems designed to analyse the performance of trade ideas. The search for alpha in electronic form is now popular with many Fund Managers around the world.
In support of this search for alpha, Trade Ideas Limited (“TIL”), provides the world’s leading technology hub, for the distribution of ideas between brokers and their institutional clients, via an ever growing choice of electronic alpha capture systems.
TIL is pleased that the growing importance of electronic alpha capture programs is being recognised. For the first time the 2012 Extel Europe survey included questions to buy-side firms about electronic alpha capture and summary results of the survey can be seen at Log in or register (at no cost) and view the summary table for Electronic Alpha Capture under Brokerage Firms > Sector >Specialisms.

The investment industry's utility

Since 2005, TIL has provided a central utility which enables brokers to send trade ideas to their clients, irrespective of the systems that both parties use. This proven and robust hub provides; system, operational and compliance benefits, to the whole investment community.

Setting the standard

Any buy or sell side firm worldwide can use the hub facility, via the APIs offered by TIL.  Participants can access the hub by using the services of one of TIL's distributor partners or by directly connecting to the hub themselves.  With an increasing number of these distributor partners providing value added services and an interface to the hub, TIL has established the de-facto standard for the distribution of trade ideas.

What is TIL?

Created  by a consortium of investment bank and still owned equally by:  Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays Capital, Citi, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley, Trade Ideas Limited (“TIL”) provides the world’s leading technology hub for the distribution of trade ideas between investment banks and brokers and their institutional clients.  TIL works in partnership with a variety of systems and solutions and offers the only platform agnostic, central hub service on the market.

TIL provides a secure, low cost central utility that enables the simple exchange of trade ideas between sell and buy-side firms. TIL’s vision was to establish a facility that can be used by as many participants as possible, irrespective of their size, location or systems usage.

Since its launch in November 2005 usage of the service has grown enormously. Internationally it now has hundreds of  participant organisations with access to  the service. On the buy-side these range from hedge funds and “prop” trading desks, through to traditional long-only money managers. Author firms inputting ideas range from “bulge bracket” brokers with hundreds of individual authors operating globally, through to niche specialists and regional experts with just a handful of authors.

TIL's shareholders have consistently invested in the service since the company was formed and this commitment has led to the establishment of the industry’s leading technology hub for trade ideas. In order to build on this success and to provide a strong platform on which to base future expansion TIL decided in 2008 to commission the development of a new central hub.  This new platform went live in the Spring of 2009 and is operated by TIL’s technology partner MBA Systems.

Furthermore, in January 2011 TIL released two new APIs that provide market participants and vendors even greater technical flexibility to interface with the hub and transmit or receive ideas.


The industry's leading hub for trade ideas

Our Partners

Since TIL was formed, it has maintained a position of vendor/distributor independence and are very keen to work with all players in this space, both on the client side (with proprietary systems), sell side (connecting more brokers) and in the vendor/distributor community.

We recognised from the beginning the need for brokers/banks to interface with as many major systems as possible and as such have built up a number of key partners over the past 5 years.

These partners (shown on the right), represent the main (vendor) distribution channels/solutions currently available.

TIL employ MBA Systems to manage the database, connectivity, operations and security of the TIL hub facility. This service is independent of any front end solution and MBA offer many years  expertise in hosting and network management.

Full contact information for any of our preferred partners can be found to the right. If you would like more information regarding other vendor/distributors or have a system of your own you would like us to engage with, please contact us via the link above.


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